The Premier Choice for Music Lessons in Manhattan

Our Mission
The Academy of Music Performance teaches with a few core beliefs in mind.

Music is an art. Music is a science. Music is healing. Music is integral to a well-balanced life. And most importantly:

Music is for everyone

Our Founder

The Academy of Music Performance was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist, Rory Cain, and has since relocated to New York City. We now provide Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, and Bass Guitar Lessons in Manhattan, NY. 

Rory has been teaching music professionally for 16 years and is the son of prominent Philadelphia area musicians, teachers, and music retailers Eileen Cogan and Michael Cain. His family has been involved in music for generations and that legacy continues on in Rory.

Cain Family, County Mayo, Ireland, 1800's

Don't see your instrument of choice? Just ask! Most of our teachers are multi-instrumentalists and are well versed in many instruments.